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Rarity Common
Value 0 Gold
Stackable No
Campaign Core


Omit any parameters that are not required to describe the item. Including a parameter with a blank value may lead to unintended results.

Parameter Property Default Notes
name n/a {{PAGENAME}} Use when the page name contains a disambiguation, e.g. Bone Charm (trophy) would have name = Bone Charm.
plural Property:Plural [blank] If the item is stackable, the plural form of the item's name.
icon n/a [[File:{{PAGENAME}}.png]] If the icon is named differently from the page, enter it here. Use normal wiki syntax - this allows, for example, showing 2 or more icons on one article.
type Property:Item type n/a Required - this is the only parameter that cannot be omitted.
subtype n/a [dynamic] The item's subtype. Only applies to consumables, salvage items, and trophies. Should only be used if the dynamic subtyping code can't classify the item correctly (e.g. Shining Blade War Horn doesn't match the standard naming scheme for Summoning Stones).
rarity Property:Item rarity Common Specify by color (white/blue/purple/gold/green/red) or description (common/uncommon/rare/unique/pvp). Use Varies for randomly generated items (e.g. salvage armors). See the property page for more details.
skill n/a [blank] The skill/effect that the item grants when used.
value Property:Merchant value 0 The item's static merchant value, in gold. Use Varies for randomly generated items (e.g. salvage armors).
stackable Property:Stackable No Boolean: does the item stack?
campaign Property:Campaign Core The campaign(s) the item can be acquired in. Separate multiple campaigns with a comma.
uses Property:Has uses 1 Only displayed for consumables. The number of uses the consumable has.
potency Property:Potency [blank] The potency (drunkenness levels) of an alcohol. Valid values are 1 or 5. This is not the amount of potential Drunkard points the alcohol can grant.
sweetness Property:Sweetness [blank] The sweetness (Sweet Tooth points) of a sweet. Valid values are 1, 2, 3, 5, or 7.
festiveness Property:Festiveness [blank] The festiveness (Party Animal points) of a party favor. Valid values are 1, 2, 3, 5, or 7.
quest n/a [blank] The quest(s) that the item is associated with. Use normal wiki syntax - this allows, for example, listing more than one quest or entering a plaintext note without a link.
profitable Property:Profitable No Boolean: Is a trophy worth more by trading to a collector (and selling the reward item) then by selling it directly to a merchant?
profit per Property:Profit per item x The maximum possible profit margin per item. Only use if setting profitable = yes, and must be a number (the default 'x' will show an SMW validation error, this is intentional).
common salvage Property:Salvageable
Property:Contains material
The common and rare crafting materials that the item can salvage into. If either is given, the Salvageable property is set to "Yes". Separate multiple materials with a semicolon. If an amount is known, place it after the material, separating with a colon, like so:

Material A: 6-8; Material B; Material C: 1

rare salvage
traveler week Property:Traveler week [blank] The week number (1-137) that Nick wants the item in the current Nick rotation.
traveler date(2,3,4) Property:Traveler date
Property:Traveler index
[blank] The date that Nicholas the Traveler collected the item.
traveler location Property:Traveler location [blank] The location where Nicholas the Traveler collected the item.
traveler quantity Property:Traveler quantity [blank] The quantity of the item that Nicholas the Traveler collected.


As noted above, all parameters except 'type' are optional.

  | name = 
  | plural = 
  | icon = 
  | type = 
  | rarity = 
  | skill = 
  | value = 
  | stackable = 
  | campaign = 
  | uses = 
  | potency = 
  | sweetness = 
  | festiveness = 
  | quest = 
  | profitable = 
  | common salvage = 
  | rare salvage = 
  | traveler week = 
  | traveler date = 
  | traveler date2 = 
  | traveler date3 = 
  | traveler date4 = 
  | traveler location = 
  | traveler quantity = 

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