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Campaign [[{{{campaign}}}]]
Region [[{{{region}}}]]
Map area n/a
Neighbors None
Services None


Parameter Property Default Notes
name n/a {{PAGENAME}} Use when the page name contains a disambiguation, e.g. Thunderhead Keep (outpost) would have name = Thunderhead Keep.
image n/a {{PAGENAME}}.jpg Use only if the image is named differently from the article. Only provide the image name, the File: prefix and the size will be set automatically.
type Property:Location type n/a Required - The type of location, e.g. Explorable area, Outpost, Arena, etc.
campaign Property:Campaign n/a Required - The campaign the location belongs to.
region Property:Region n/a Required - The region that the location is part of.
levels Property:Dungeon levels [blank] Required for dungeons only - the number of levels within the dungeon.
quest n/a [blank] Required for dungeons only - the quest that must be active in order to access the full dungeon. If no quest is required, enter "None".
chest n/a [blank] Required for dungeons and Elite Missions only - the reward chest that appears after completing the dungeon.
party size Property:Party size [blank] Required for all staging areas - The maximum size of the party that can be formed in this location (2, 4, 6, 8, or 12).
pixels Property:Map pixels "n/a" Only for locations that contribute to a Cartographer title. The measured area of the location on the World Map in pixels, per the method described here. The provided pixel count will be displayed as a percentage of the area required for 100% cartography of the campaign's continent.
carto-note Property:Carto-ignore [blank] If part of a zone is inaccessible during a certain instance, include a note about it here. Presence of this parameter when type = * Mission will cause the Carto-ignore property to be set, which allows the mission-versions of locations to be excluded from summary tables (i.e. the location will not be double-counted).
neighbors Property:Neighbor of None A semicolon-separated list of all neighboring locations. Neighbor in this case is defined as somewhere you can travel to directly from within the given location (without interacting with the map).
services Property:Has services None A comma-separated list of all the NPC services offered in this location.
map n/a [blank] A map of the location. Only provide the image name, the File: prefix and the size will be set automatically.


Omit any non-required parameters that are not required to describe the location. Including a parameter with a blank value may lead to unintended results.

<!-- Required -->
  | type = 
  | campaign = 
  | region = 
<!-- Required for certain location types -->
  | levels =     <!--Dungeons-->
  | quest =      <!--Dungeons-->
  | chest =      <!--Dungeons and elite areas-->
  | hero =       <!--Nightfall missions-->
  | party size = <!--Staging areas-->
  | pixels =     <!--Cartography-aware areas-->
<!-- Optional -->
  | name = 
  | image = 
  | neighbors = 
  | services = 
  | carto-note = 
  | map =