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This template calculates how many days there are from a given date until an item will next be collected by Nicholas Sandford. The item is, by default, the PAGENAME, and the date is today (so if the item is collected today, 0 is returned).

The template was written for Nicholas Sandford/Collector.


* {{Sandford forecast/next|Grawl Necklace}} 
* {{#time: d M|+{{Sandford forecast/next|Grawl Necklace}}day}}
* {{Sandford forecast/next|Grawl Necklace|date=9 Apr 2009}}
* {{Sandford forecast/next|{{#sub:{{Sandford forecast}}|2|9}}}}
* {{Sandford forecast/next|{{#sub:{{Sandford forecast}}|2|9}}|date=+1day}}
* {{#time: d M|+{{#expr:1+{{Sandford forecast/next|{{#sub:{{Sandford forecast}}|2|9}}|date=+1day}}}}day}}
  • Expression error: Unexpected < operator.days until Grawl Necklace is next collected
  • Error: Invalid when Grawl Necklace is next collected
  • Expression error: Unexpected < operator.same, but counting from Apr 9

  • Expression error: Unexpected < operator.0 because Skeletal Limb is today's item
  • Expression error: Unexpected < operator.looking for todays item, starting tomorrow, we find out when it is up next
  • Error: Invalid when Skeletal Limb is up next