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  • This doesn't actually reference Template:Scalable skill bar, but is instead meant to complement that template.
  • This template uses an invisible table (that's why you can't see anything here) that can be sized similarly to the above template and can be used to display variant skills in positions below the skill they are meant to replace.
  • The following are the possible parameters:
    • size - The size of a skill icon cell. This defaults to 33px, similar to the scalable skill bar template.
    • var - The size of the skill icon itself. This defaults to 25px. Adjust this and size to achieve a preferred size difference.
    • s1, s2, ..., s8 - Corresponds to each skill bar position. Use only if there is a variant skill in that position. Omit if none.
  • An example of this template would be:
Animate Flesh Golem.jpg Heal Area.jpg Animate Vampiric Horror.jpg Animate Bone Horror.jpg Blood of the Master.jpg Animate Bone Fiend.jpg Verata's Sacrifice.jpg Rebirth.jpg
Verata's Aura