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  | level (optional) = level (used to calculate [[Legendary Defender]] progress if present)
  | deaths (optional) = character /deaths (used to calculate [[Survivor]] eligibility if present)
  | xp (optional) = character earned XP (used to calculate [[Survivor]] progress if present)
  | TyrianProtector (optional) = number of missions fully completed
  | CanthanProtector (optional) = ''
  | ElonianProtector (optional) = ''
  | TyrianGuardian (optional) = number of missions fully completed in hard mode
  | CanthanGuardian (optional) = ''
  | ElonianGuardian (optional) = ''
  | TyrianVanquisher (optional) = number of areas vanquished in hard mode
  | CanthanVanquisher (optional) = ''
  | ElonianVanquisher (optional) = ''
  | TyrianCartographer (optional) = exploration (without percent sign)
  | CanthanCartographer (optional) = ''
  | ElonianCartographer (optional) = ''
  | TyrianSkillHunter (optional) = number of elite skills captured
  | CanthanSkillHunter (optional) = ''
  | ElonianSkillHunter (optional) = ''
  | Sunspear (optional) = Sunspear promotion points
  | Lightbringer (optional) = Lightbringer promotion points
  | Asura (optional) = Asura reputation points
  | Deldrimor (optional) = Dwarven reputation points
  | EbonVanguard (optional) = Vanguard reputation points
  | Norn (optional) = Norn reputation points
  | MasterOfTheNorth (optional) = Eye of the North mastery points
  | Drunkard (optional) = Minutes spent drunk
  | PartyAnimal (optional) = Points
  | SweetTooth (optional) = Points
  | MaxedAccountTitles (optional) = Number of account-wide titles maxed, for addition into the Maxed Titles track
  [| DefenderOfAscalon] (include if attempting this title)

This functions exactly like Template:TitleList, except that it displays a progress bar for each title instead of a plain text list. Hovering over the progress bar will display the current points/etc. for the title. You can customize a few aspects of how the bars are displayed:

Sets the color of the progress bar, default #AAF.
Sets the width of the progress bar's box, default 300em. Smaller values are not recommended, as it will cause the text for some titles to wrap and overlap the box underneath.

The TitleBar templates can be used individually, with the same options as above.

There is also an AccountTitleBars template for displaying your account-wide titles.