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Followup: -


Pertains to Nav, From, From none, To, and To none.

This set of templates displays navigation arrows on the right edge of the page.

Requires required questFollowup: followup quest
{{Nav|{{from|required quest}}{{to|followup quest}}}}
displays green arrows linked to the quests
Requires questThere is no followup quest or mission.
{{Nav|{{from|quest}}{{to none}}}}
displays a gray array as there is no followup quest
There is no required quest or mission.Followup: followup quest
{{Nav|{{from none}}{{to|followup quest}}}}
displays a gray array as there is no required quest
Requires required questRequires required questFollowup: followup questFollowup: followup questFollowup: followup quest
{{Nav|{{from|required quest}}{{from|required quest}}{{to|followup quest}}{{to|followup quest}}{{to|followup quest}}}}
an arbitray number of quests can be used if there is more than one requirement or followup


There is no required quest or mission.Followup: Into Chahbek Village

Rally the Recruits (Tutorial)
{{Nav|{{from none}}{{to|Into Chahbek Village}}}}

Requires Isle of the DeadFollowup: Special Delivery

Bad Tide Rising
{{Nav|{{from|Isle of the Dead}}{{to|Special Delivery}}}}

Requires Big News, Small PackageRequires TahlkoraFollowup: Blacktide Den (mission)

Following the Trail
{{Nav|{{from|Big News, Small Package}}{{from|Tahlkora}}{{to|Blacktide Den (mission)}}}}


  • To see the arrows in the top right corner, place them at the very top of the page text.
  • Do not use the "|" symbol to separate the quests.
  • You can "mix and match" as much as you like.
  • If you see "{{Nav|", you forgot a second pair of }} to the end, there need to be }}}} .