Zaishen forecast/Vanquish

Last update: Thursday, 02:08 (UTC)

Mamnoon Lagoon


{{Zaishen forecast/Vanquish}} 
displays the current Zaishen Vanquish
{{Zaishen forecast/Vanquish| date and time}} 
same as above, but for the given date and time


  • The template assumes a repeating 136 day schedule.
  • If the result seems off at around the time of switchover, edit the template and change the time; initially it is set to 16:00 UTC.
  • MediaWiki can take up to an hour to update the information.


{{Zaishen forecast/Vanquish}}
{{Zaishen forecast/Vanquish|3 Mar 2011 18:00 EST}}
Tomorrow: {{Zaishen forecast/Vanquish|+1 day}} 
Mamnoon Lagoon
Jaya Bluffs
Tomorrow: Shadow's Passage
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