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Template:Skill row and Template:Elite skill row are used to format a skill's information into 6 cells, meant to be inserted within a row of a wiki table. The arguments are the skill characteristics (name, description, extra cost, cost, activation time, recharge time). Any characteristic that is not applicable should be filled with a <br>. To avoid small visible breaks in borders, these should only be used in tables with cellspacing=0.

This code:

{| border=1 cellspacing=0
|col 1||col 2||col 3||col 4||col 5||col 6||col 7
|Skill row:||{{skill row|(name)|(description)|(extra cost)|(cost)|(activation)|(recharge)}}
|Elite skill row:||{{elite skill row|(name)|(description)|(extra cost)|(cost)|(activation)|(recharge)}}

col 1 col 2 col 3 col 4 col 5 col 6 col 7
Skill row: (name) (description) (extra cost) (cost) (activation) (recharge)
Elite skill row: (name) (description) (extra cost) (cost) (activation) (recharge)

collapsed border

when border is collapsed, lines show up again between cells. Is there anyway to get rid of them while keeping border collapsed? -PanSola 01:05, 12 February 2006 (CST)

Not sure, sorry. I didn't work too much with collapsed borders after it was noted that it caused problems in Opera. --Rezyk 02:36, 14 February 2006 (CST)