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Quest map
  1. Investigate the area plagued by graven monolith attacks.
  2. See Officer Lohru for your reward.

Obtained from

Officer Lohru in Remains of Sahlahja


A Deal's a Deal



"You must be the unbound ones the my master has found useful. I oversee the reclamation of his domain. Most of my men have been sent to deal with Varesh. Recent patrols have reported a great increase in the number of graven monolith attacks in the southwest area of the Sulfurous Wastes. If my master has seen you fit enough to continue living, surely a few rocks wouldn't give you any problems, would they?"
Accept: "I've seen worse. Bring it on."
Reject: "Sticks and stones may break my bones... so I'll let you handle it."
When asked about quest: "Have you anything to report on the graven monoliths in the Sulfurous Wastes?"

Reward Dialogue

"What? There is a temple of Abaddon? And Margonites are there? They must be using the temple to awaken more monoliths. This is grave news, indeed. With Palawa's troops otherwise engaged, we're wideopen for an attack! I must report this news to my master at once. You have done well. I see why he spared your life."


A Show of Force


Enter the Sulfurous Wastes from any direction, although the north portal is closer and requires you to call the Junundu only once. The temple is in the south-western corner, but can only be reached via a spot on the midwestern side.

The quest-update happens upon spotting the monoliths, but in wurm-form they are quite easy to kill, should you need shards for the Sticks and Stones quest. In addition to the monoliths who normally occupy the temple, three Margonite Clerics will spawn there when this quest is active; as with the monoliths, it is not necessary to fight them. If you do attack the monoliths the clerics will take no part in the fight unless you attack them directly, and will not heal the monoliths.


  • There is a Treasure Chest inside the hidden temple.
  • It is advisable to do Requiem for a Brain at the same time as this quest, since they require you to go to the same location.
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