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The Tengu Wars is the name of a series of skirmishes over centuries that eventually became a great war between the humans and the tengu of Cantha. The skirmishes were originally caused by territory disputes when the Empire of the Dragon moved into Shing Jea Island after the Jade Wind. Negotiations in the past managed to prevent a full-out war with the Angchu and Sensali tengu, but caused tension between the two tengu clans as a result.

War finally broke out after Emperor Kisu had the farmers spread even more throughout Shing Jea Island and had inadvertently spread diseases to the tengu, forcing them to kill their young. The wars ended in 1070 AE due to negotiations with the Angchu performed by Master Togo.

The humans and the tengu celebrate the anniversary of the cessation of hostilities as the Day of the Tengu.