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  1. Destroy the Terrorweb Queen.
  2. Return to Reaper of the Spawning Pools for your reward. [sic]

Obtained from

Reaper of the Spawning Pools in The Underworld


Clear the Chamber
Free the Reaper of the Spawning Pools by killing the Terrorweb Dryders around Grenth's statue in the Spawning Pools



"The source of this trouble draws near. The more we turn the tide of battle against the demons, the more desperate they become. It will not be long before a Terrorweb Queen arrives, anxious to strike down that which has destroyed so much of her brood. When she arrives, you must destroy her."
Accept: "Consider it done."
Reject: "Perhaps another time."

Reward Dialogue

"The loss of a queen has staggered the Terrorweb assault. In time, it is clear, Grenth's mastery of the underworld will be fully restored."


The Terrorweb Queen spawns together with four Obsidian Guardians in a small passageway. The Guardians use Wards to defend themselves and the Queen against anyone who comes near. In addition, their regular attacks knockdown foes sometimes. However, you can easily use spells that do not require a line of sight to target them, and kill them one by one, from behind a wall. Note that the Guardians use Obsidian Flesh. Look for it and wait for it to wear off, interrupt it or remove it using non-spell or non-targeted enchantment removers. After killing two Guardians on one side, you can teleport to a Reaper on the other side, to attack the other two in the same manner.

However, it's possible to simply draw the queen away from the guardians. Her wanding range is quite long though so the puller needs to back off a bit further than usual to get her to follow. Another strategy, since their spawn location is fixed, is to fill the area with traps before taking the quest. If you concentrate them in one or two corners of the quadrangle, you should be able to take out at least one, and possibly two Guardians right at the beginning of the fight. The Queen herself is too resilient to fall to this strategy.