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Location of Chun in Bukdek Byway


  1. Find the afflicted creature that was once Imperial Guardsman Chun and destroy it.
  2. See Imperial Guardsman Kintae for your reward.

Obtained from

Imperial Guardsman Kintae in Kaineng Center



"Those who swear service to the Imperial Guard give up all else in life to serve the emperor faithfully. One of our sworn brothers, Chun, is lost to the plague. He... it... was last seen on the streets feasting on the living. I am certain he would not want to live this way, that he would want us to destroy the monster he has become.
Will you find the Afflicted creature that Chun has become and destroy it?"
Accept: "I will honor Guardsman Chun and destroy the creature that he has become."
Reject: "Find an exterminator to deal with your vermin."

Reward Dialogue

"Even now, I suspect Chun is traveling through the Mists to a better place, freed from the curse of the plague. Thank you for your assistance. Your deeds shall not be forgotten."


Exit into Bukdek Byway. When you arrive near the quest marker (out of radar range), hold Alt and Ctrl key. You should spot Chun as well as some other Afflicted being engaged by Canthan Guards. Either wait for one side to finish the other off, or join into the fray and take out Chun while the other Afflicted are distracted.

If for some reason Chun is not present, he was probably already killed by the guards. The quest requirements will still be fulfilled.

Note: If the quest "Chasing Zenmai" is active, there will be no spawns of Afflicted to pop up near The Afflicted Chun, making the fight much easier. This also makes it likely that the Guards will kill him by themselves, regardless if you are attempting to complete the quest or simply have it in your Quest Log.