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  1. Escort Tahbo Paa to Aerie.
  2. See Tahbo Paa for your reward.

Obtained from

Tahbo Paa in Kinya Province.


Factions Character
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"You look like a capable, adventurous sort! Perhaps I could entice you to escort me to the Aerie. The Angchu Tengu no doubt await my arrival. I was to be there several days ago, but my hired escort took the advance I paid him and fled! Most discourteous, do you not think so?"
"You, stranger, look far nobler than he. Guide me to Aerie, and you will be well paid... after we arrive, of course."

Reward Dialogue

"At last, Aerie. The Angchu Tengu do not look too angry at the delay... and their beaks will be smiling when they learn these techniques. Thank you, stranger."


Speak to Tahbo Paa to acquire the quest. He can be found in Kinya Province, just before the exit to Panjiang Peninsula. Head to Panjiang Peninsula and then the northwestern exit into Kinya Province for the most direct route. Then all you need to do is run to Aerie, avoiding any mobs if you prefer not to fight. Tahbo Paa is level 10 so he is quite durable. He will not initiate attacks unless he is idle or is attacked. Be wary of Naga mobs spawning around you if you run along the beach. Do note that Tahbo Paa is somewhat slow and will get left behind if you do not periodically stop and wait for him.