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Ancestral Lands is a location where an Alliance Battle takes place.

The Luxons and the Kurzicks are at war. If the alliance battle has reached the Ancestral Lands, then the Luxons have driven the Kurzicks back to their holdout position. Extra defenses and familiarity give the Kurzicks a definite strategic advantage here, no matter how the greater war is going. Each side in the alliance battle consists of three teams of four players (all three teams must be from the same faction) to create two squads of 12. The goal is to gain command of seven control points and by so doing, outscore your opponents. For further details regarding gameplay see the Alliance Battle page.

The Kurzicks have a strong advantage on this map, the Luxons are compensated for their disadvantage with an Underdog Bonus equal to 200% of their score, providing them with a total of 3 Faction per point scored.

Players may enter the opposing teams base to cap the internal shrines, however the eastern part is guarded by a invulnerable, stationary NPC named Base Defender.

When this map is being played in Alliance Battles, the Kurzick-Luxon border has passed over 4 or more Echovald Forest outposts.

Ancestral Lands Map[]

Ancestral Lands

Control Points[]

Shrine Kurzick Side NPC Luxon Side NPC
Northwest Resurrection Shrine
West Equipment Station
Southwest Resurrection Shrine
Elite Ranger Station
Elite Warrior Shrine
Northeast Equipment Station
Southeast Equipment Station
Gate Defenders1


  1. Gate defenders do not respawn.


  • While standing in the water at the southern end you are under the effect of 'Defiled Water' resulting in conditions lasting 20% longer.
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