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  1. Defeat the Crystal Ettin.
  2. Retrieve an arcane crystal shard.
  3. Return the shard to Saerin for a reward.

Obtained from

Saerin in Gadd's Encampment


Finding the Bloodstone



"Back again, <name>? Good.
The guardians of the Bloodstone Caves are harvesting arcane crystal shards deep within the dungeon. We are in need of more supplies, and in the hands of a good fletcher those shards can turn ordinary arrows into armor-piercing thunderbolts. Before our archers, the White Mantle will be little more than a legion of leaky flesh-bags. Go! Fetch me a crystal!"
Accept: "I like your style."
Reject: "You're off the mark. And creepy."
When asked about quest: "That blasted guardian is gathering arcane crystal shards. Every moment spared is another enemy spared."

Reward Dialogue

"These shards are of astounding quality, <name>. With an arrowhead such as this, I could rob a man of his life from a full league away! He would hear nothing but the sound of his final breath. The Shining Blade is grateful. Allow me to give you this."


The Crystal Ettin is on the second floor of the Bloodstone Caves. He is located in the same spot where the Inscribed Ettin in the Finding the Bloodstone quest was. Killing him will drop the dungeon key for the next level and the arcane crystal shard.


  • This is the second of three linked quests inside the Bloodstone Caves, see also The Blade's Essence and Crystal Method, once the dungeon is completed, only the last quest is offered / required to gain an entry in your Master Dungeon Guide.
  • Approach the Crystal Ettin with caution as he is surrounded by numerous skeletons who will turn hostle when you attack him.