This is a mission entry. For information on the mission outpost The Aurios Mines, see The Aurios Mines (outpost).

Challenge Mission. There are nine quarry sites. The northwest site is guarded by a Luxon Enchanter and is where you spawn. The other eight are guarded by a Shadow of Kanaxai. By killing a Shadow of Kanaxai, a Luxon Enchanter spawns and you gain control of that quarry site. Likewise, when a Luxon Enchanter is killed, a Shadow of Kanaxai takes his place. In addition to the quarry guards, groups of enemies attack in waves. The frequency and number of attackers increases over time. Every 10 seconds your score increases by the number of quarry sites you control.


Beat back the nightmare horde.

  • Kill the enemy guards at the quarry sites.


You will earn gold and Luxon Faction based on your success on completion of the mission, which is when the Nightmare Horde earns 500 points. You earn approximately 6% of the total point score in faction. You earn approximately 1.5% of the total point score in gold. 50 Luxon Faction is rewarded every time a Shadow of Kanaxai is killed and 5 Luxon Faction whenever any other enemy is killed.

The reward is exactly Trunc(P*R) faction, Trunc(P*R/2) experience and Trunc(P*R/4) gold.
P = Point Scored.
R = Ratio = 2000/(best monthly score).

  • If you beat the high score for the day you are rewarded with an additional 4000 Luxon Faction and 500 gold.
  • If you beat the high score for the 30 days you are rewarded with an additional 8000 Luxon Faction and 1000 gold.
  • If you beat the high score for the 90 days you are rewarded with an additional 16000 Luxon Faction and 2000 gold.





Jade Fish




You will earn about 0.8% to your Canthan Cartographer title track. You can get this by running once around the map. This is possible with one try, so you should use this, in order to make the title reachable.

If your Alliance is in control of The Aurios Mines you can acess the mission area via the Luxon Sentry and explore it at your leasure.

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