1. Find and kill Chieftain Ulgrimar Gnash in Drakkar Lake.
  2. See Undrath Blastrock for your reward.

Obtained from

Undrath Blastrock in Sifhalla


Common-icon-small.png Dwarven Stability
Common-icon-small.png Snow Storm


"I got myself a giant problem, friend. I came all the way from Deldrimor because Budger Blackpowder needed to extract some tricky ore for his high quality explosives. But no sooner than I set up operations did a jotun clan move in and slaughter most of our workers. The rest of our miners won't go near the site. You might not know this, but we Dwarves don't much like jotun. Nasty customers with big clubs. Do me and Budger a favor, would you? Go remove the jotun clan leader, Ulgrimar Gnash and all of his Dwarf-busting buddies so we can start mining again."
Accept: "I won't let the jotun clan muscle you out."
Reject: "Why don't we pick on someone our own size?"

Reward Dialogue

"You're proving to be quite a handy human to have around! Budger'll be thrilled to hear the news. It means more powder kegs for him! I'll get my mining team back up there as soon as possible."


Start from Sifhalla and head south. Ulgrimar Gnash is guarded by two separate groups of three Jotun arranged in a semi-circle, as well as three individual perimeter guards closer to the resurrection shrine. There is also a patrol of three Jotun that runs north/south. It's best to eliminate the perimeter guards, then wait for the patrol to come to you (do not aggro the boss group), and then attack the boss group. Completing this quest prevents this boss from spawning.


  • This quest is likely a reference to "The BFG" (Big Friendly Giant), a children's story written by Roald Dahl.
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