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  1. Travel to the fields north of Ashford and dispatch the skeletons there.
  2. Return to Brother Mhenlo for your reward.

Obtained from

Brother Mhenlo in Ashford Abbey


Profession: Monk
<primary profession> Test
Prophecies Pre-Searing Character



"Most who choose the ways of light do so because they are called by Dwayna to heal and protect others. We Monks, however, must also learn when to call on Balthazar. Smiting Prayers allow us to cause damage to our enemies, especially the vile undead. Which brings me to our problem.
Some skeletons escaped from the catacombs in the night and are harrying the fields north of Ashford. Use Smiting Prayers to destroy the skeletons, then return to me."
Accept: "As you wish."
Reject: "I'm not ready to take on skeletons!"

Reward Dialogue

"You are making great progress, young one. I am proud of you."


Mhenlo teaches you two skills to help you:

Go out the portal to Lakeside County. To the north you will see some Ascalon Farmers fighting a group of Raging Cadavers and Skeleton Raiders. You can join in the fray if you like, but if you hold back for a while, the farmers will take care of most of the enemies for you. Once all the undead are disposed of, return to Ashford Abbey and talk to Brother Mhenlo for your reward.