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Quest map


  1. Meet Lo Sha in Panjiang Peninsula
  2. Find out where the Crimson Skull are keeping Mei Ling.
  3. Protect Lo Sha and help him rescue Mei Ling.
  4. Talk to Lo Sha.
  5. Return to Headmaster Kaa for your reward.

Obtained from

Headmaster Kaa in Shing Jea Monastery


Only available for Canthan native mesmer characters.


Energy +7 (req. 4 Fast Casting)
Halves skill recharge of Spells (Chance: 10%)
Health +15


"Listen closely: I understand that Lo Sha has recovered the legendary Box of Illusions. If this is true, then I must study it. I know not why he has not brought it to me already, prideful boy."
"I believe Lo Sha is in Panjiang Peninsula. Will you find him and acquire the box for me?"

Intermediate Dialogue 1 (Lo Sha)

"<name>, I am so glad to see you. I have shamed myself and my order. I wanted to present the ornate box to Mei Ling, so I asked her to meet me. Meanwhile, I allowed some members of the Crimson Skull to learn of our rendezvous; I hoped to foil their ambush, protect Mei Ling, and earn her favor in the process. But the bandits came in such large numbers that I was unable to stop them. They have taken Mei Ling with them. I beg of you: help me to free Mei Ling. Lead the way and I shall help as best I can!"

Intermediate Dialogue 2 (Lo Sha)

"Thank you so much for your help. If Headmaster Kaa wants the box, then he shall have it. It seems so unimportant to me, now. I am just so grateful that Mei Ling is safe...."

Reward Dialogue

"The Box of Illusions! So, it does exist after all. How beautiful it is! Thank you, <name>. Now that you have completed your advanced training, you should go see Master Togo again. You will find him in Linnok Courtyard."


Mei Ling is being held hostage in Port Kaimu, in the south-west corner of Panjiang Peninsula. There are plenty of low and mid-level Crimson Skull foes in the area, as well as some level 15. Generally, proceed carefully, lure, and aggro in small numbers.

If you become trapped between multiple enemy groups and experience a wipe, it's generally better to start over. While there are resurrection shrines in this area, Lo Sha will almost always die without your party to back him up, resulting in a quest failure.

Tip: It is easier to approach Port Kaimu from the north, not from the east. If you approach from the east, beware of an ambush on the bridge! There are several foes hiding under the bridge, with some of them level 15.


  • If you defeat the Crimson Skull before talking to Lo Sha, the quest will update saying you failed. However, if you walk to Lo Sha from there you will still obtain the Box of Illusions.