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  1. Head to the Breach and kill Gorgaan Hatemonger.
  2. Return to Master Ranger Nente for your reward.

Obtained from

Master Ranger Nente in Old Ascalon


Profession: Ranger
Prophecies Character
The Charr Patrol


  • 300 XP
  • Skills
Ranger Dodge
Ranger Quickening Zephyr


"I examined the bodies of those Charr we slew and discovered something interesting. They are part of the warband lead by Gorgaan Hatemonger, a particularly nasty Charr with whom I've had a few run-ins. Gorgaan can usually be found near a bridge that spans a chasm of black sludge in the Breach. If you were able to find and destroy him, it would throw any plans his warband had for an attack in disarray. Can I count on you?"
Accept: "Gorgaan will trouble us no more."
Reject: "I have other tasks to accomplish first."

Reward Dialogue

"It is a mighty deed you have accomplished, <name>. With Gorgaan slain, his warband will fall apart. I am proud to call you my ally."


After you talk to Nente, head north from Old Ascalon into The Breach. After you go around the first corner head north-east where you will find a bridge across the tar which leads to an alcove. Gorgaan Hatemonger is in a mob with several level 5 to 6 Charr. Kill the Charr Overseer and the Charr Martyr first, then the remaining enemies and the boss should be easy to deal with.