The Cipher of Grenth

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Overview[edit | edit source]


  1. Use the Divination to locate the Facet of Death.
  2. You are currently carrying the Divination.
  3. Defeat the Facet of Death to obtain its cipher.
  4. See Kerrsh for your reward.

Obtained from

Kerrsh in Tarnished Haven


The Cipher of Melandru


Common to all professions Asuran Scan


"The Facet of Death, a revelation of Grenth's power, has manifested within Sparkfly Swamp. Are you noticing a pattern?
You must use the Divination to track down and receive its cipher. From that look on your face, I suppose you want to know more. How can I put this so you will understand... Gods are part of this world. Think of these "facets" as one of any number of possible manifestations of these gods. Does that make sense to you? No? Then don't think and just get me what I require."
Accept: "Less talk, more action."
Reject: "My head hurts."
When asked about quest: "Travel to Sparkfly Swamp. The Facet of Death has manifested there."

Reward Dialogue

"I am beginning to understand. There are so many pieces, so many variables, no wonder I haven't seen this before. These ciphers were the strings on the harp of the Eternal Alchemy itself. If only I could pluck them with my fingers. We are nearly there, friend."


The Cipher of Kormir (requires all four "cipher" quest listed in its Requirements be completed first)

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

The location the Divination leads you to is different each time you zone into Sparkfly Swamp. The proximity indicator will fill to indicate you are on the right track, initally blue and turns red as you get even closer. Once it fills completely, the Facet of Death will spawn. See the Facet of Death section for possible spawning locations. The boss should not be much of a challenge provided you don't accidentally aggro a nearby group.

Unlike other Facet quests, the Facet of Death seems to spawn on one point much more often than on other points.