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  1. Use the Divination to locate the Facet of Spirit.
  2. You are currently carrying the Divination.
  3. Defeat the Facet of Spirit to obtain its cipher.
  4. See Kerrsh for your reward.

Obtained from

Kerrsh in Tarnished Haven


The Cipher of Balthazar
The Cipher of Dwayna
The Cipher of Grenth
The Cipher of Lyssa


Common to all professions Pain Inverter

Warning: The following text contains spoilers relating to the plot of Nightfall.


"The stories of your god Kormir fascinate me most. To think that a mortal... a human, no less... could transcend into something greater. Was it all part of the Eternal Alchemy? Was there some hidden design that preordained it would happen that way? Or does a power exist that can go against the schemes of fate?
These questions rend at me sharper than any claw. This is it. Only her cipher remains. Take the Divination. Go to Arbor Bay. The Facet of Spirit will be there."
Accept: "We've come this far. I'll see it through."
Reject: "Haven't I done enough already?"
When asked about quest: "The last cipher awaits in Arbor Bay. Use the Divination to find the Facet of Spirit."

Reward Dialogue

"Inconceivable! I suspected as much, but to be proven right... The ciphers of these signatures, to put it in simple, human terms, are giving us coordinates. There is a place that we must go. The answers must be there."


The Path to Revelations


The location the Divination leads you to is different each time you zone into Arbor Bay. The proximity indicator will fill to indicate you are on the right track, initially blue, and turning to red as you get close. Once the indicator fills completely, the Facet of Spirit will spawn. See the Facet of Spirit section for possible spawning locations. Note that it is possible to get an indicator filled around 90% when entering Arbor Bay from Vlox's Falls. The boss should not be much of a challenge provided you don't accidentally aggro a nearby group.