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  1. Use the Divination to locate the Facet of Creation.
  2. You are currently carrying the Divination.
  3. Defeat the Facet of Creation to obtain its cipher.
  4. See Kerrsh for your reward.

Obtained from

Kerrsh in Tarnished Haven


Common to all professions Smooth Criminal


"It's about time you arrived. I've been waiting for an eternity! I have studied the beings you humans call gods. Your stories speak of extremely powerful, almost ominipotent beings who each specialize in one area of superiority. How can beings be all-powerful and yet have more power than other all-powerful beings in one particular "facet" of their manifestations? It made no sense to me. I decided to explore the various facets of your so-called deities. In fact, I have been tracking one such manifestation in the Alcazia Tangle.
Here, take this device. It's called the Divination. You can use it to find the source of this manifestation, called the Facet of Creation.
The Divination will turn red as you approach the source, and will transition to blue as you travel farther away. Even a human should have no trouble using it. Destroy the facet. The Divination should make an impression of the signature from the energy released. Return to me when you are finished. Understand?"
Accept: "Not really, but I know how to kill things and take their stuff."
Reject: "This idiot doesn't feel like it."
When asked about quest: "The Facet of Creation is somewhere in the Alcazia Tangle. Use the Divination to find its location."

Reward Dialogue

"Yes... this is what I imagined. I believe my hypothesis is correct. This facet is tied to your god, Melandru. There is something concealed in the signature... a cipher of some sort. I will need all six to discern the meaning. And for that, I will need your continued assistance. You will, however, be rewarded for your efforts."


The Cipher of Balthazar
The Cipher of Dwayna
The Cipher of Grenth
The Cipher of Lyssa


The location the Divination leads you to is different each time you zone into Alcazia Tangle. Contrary to the description, the bar will fill with teal to indicate you are on the right track. It will turn red at 50% as you get even closer. Once it fills completely, the Facet of Creation will spawn. The boss should not be much of a challenge provided you don't accidentally aggro a nearby group. One way to make this quest along with the others linked to this one easier is to enter/leave the town closest to the area pertinent to the quest until the bar starts off at a certain margin. This indicates the Facet in question is near the start of the area and is more easy to find.


Bug.png Bug! Some characters who have never been to Tarnished Haven have this quest in their logs, but the reason is currently unknown.