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  1. Destroy all residents of the Margonite City.
  2. See Captain Sulahresh for your reward.

Obtained from

Captain Sulahresh in City of Torc'qua



"[Difficulty: Master] The Margonites hold fast in the city called Torc'qua, with reinforcements arriving from all across the Realm of Torment. If we do not break their stranglehold soon they will gather enough force to press us back."
"Will you charge into Torc'qua and cleanse it of the Margonite infestation?"
Accept: "I was born ready."
Reject: "I want my mommy."

Intermediate Dialogue

Captain Sulahresh: "Torc'qua is heavily guarded. We will be unable to enter until the Margonite defenders are destroyed."

Reward Dialogue

Captain Sulahresh: "Good work. Purging the city may be a temporary measure but it allows us a foothold for the rush into the Ebony Citadel. Mallyx the Unyielding must pay."


You start in a little enclosure that you can get out of by talking to Captain Sulahresh. As there are patrols all around you, it is suggested to kill those through the enclosure prior to exiting. Once out, proceed killing everything on your path until you reach the wall. Once all the Margonites in the area outside and on top of the walls are cleared, Captain Sulahresh will come and join you, and the gates will open. He will enter the gate and stop just inside the gate. You will now need to clear the entire middle of the city to proceed. As there is a gate which can be blocked by one person, it is suggested that the appropriately protected member of your party does this, and pulls the mobs to them. Once all the groups in the city are cleared, Captain Sulahresh will give you the reward.

After finishing this quest, Lord Jadoth, Shaunur the Divine, and Turep, Maker of Orphans will appear outside the city, and the previously locked gate leading to them will open. Multiple groups of Margonites will spawn with them and at least one of those groups will rush to gate and to the city. This is also the path to Stygian Veil.

After defeating Lord Jadoth, Shaunur the Divine, Turep, Maker of Orphans and all the Margonites around them, the Spirit of Truth will appear and gives you the opportunity to redeem an Armbrace of Truth. This requires 15 Gems of each type. Also, the Torc'qua Chest which offers a Margonite Gemstone for each member of the party spawns next to the Spirit of Truth.