The Crab

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The Crab is one of three Luxon clans.

Captain Elora is the current captain of the Crab. When she was barely five her village was assaulted by the Kurzicks, and both her parents were slain. Gillias, then the Captain of the Crab, was also lost in the attack. Elora's brother, Artras, took control of the Crab being the only survivor. Of Elora, no trace was found, though her brother claimed to have searched for her.

The leadership of Artras was a dark time for the Crab, and he squandered their resources on prurient pursuits while using his vile Champion Helios to defeat any who dared to challenge him. This continued for many years, until the day Elora returned from somewhere deep with the Jade Sea, a pack of Saltspray Dragons and a rapidly summoned army of loyal Crab Clan Warriors at her back. With these under her command, she defeated her brother and his Champion and has wisely lead the Crab ever since. The dragons have returned to the Jade Sea, but rumor has it that they wait for her even now, ready to return if ever she should have the need. Elora's current Champion is Daeman.

The Crab clan is in charge of most of the jade mining. Many of the Reavers are also a part of the Clan. The clan uses giant mechanical Crabs for travel.