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The Crag
Map of The Crag Arena.
Basic Info
Campaign: Core
Type: Arena
Part of: The Battle Isles


The Crag is a volcanic area with pits and rivers of lava that will induce burning and crippled conditions if stepped into. The method to win is slightly different here compared to the other PvP areas - a running tally of kills is kept, and the team with the most total kills when the time limit is up is declared the winner.

The time limit is fixed at three minutes, with fallen combatants resurrected at shrines on every 30 second mark. Sudden death will occur if the score is tied after three minutes, and the first team to score an additional point will win immediately.

Location: The Battle Isles
Entry via: Random Arenas/Team Arenas
Max. Level: 20
Team Size: 4

Getting There[]

Random selection at Random Arenas or Team Arenas