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The Drought
The Drought
Species: Demon
Profession: Elementalist Elementalist-icon
Level(s): 28

Description[ | ]

The Drought is a powerful demon and servant of Abaddon. In a quest sequence starting with a Mysterious Message, players discover that this demon is trying to taint the river Elon itself, and that the Kournans plan to unleash it on Istan afterwards. In the Rilohn Refuge mission players must defeat The Drought.

The Drought is guarded by his own minions, the Droughtlings. The demon and his minions are powerful users of Earth Magic and amplify the damage with the environmental effect Thirst of the Drought.

The Drought shares a bond of some sort with The Hunger.

Location[ | ]

Skills used[ | ]

Items dropped[ | ]

Notes[ | ]

  • It is highly suggested for people wanting to capture Sandstorm to get it here from The Drought, as it would otherwise be available much later in the game.
  • The mission ends as soon as The Drought and the two Droughtlings are killed. If you intend to capture Sandstorm, you will be dependent on the cooperation of your teammates to kill the Drought first and allow you to capture before the two Droughtlings are killed.
  • Even if the two Droughtlings aren't killed, the mission ends soon after killing the Drought, so you need to be fast when capturing sandstorm.
  • He can easily be killed if a ranger in your party has Broad Head Arrow, this skill inflicts Dazed and greatly reduces the threat he poses.
  • Spoil Victor and/or Spiteful Spirit are very useful against this boss, as is Power Block.
  • Consider changing your secondary profession to Mesmer for Mantra of Earth, which will reduce the damage received significantly as well as providing you with Energy.
  • The Ranger skill Winter will change all his damage to cold damage, thus negating the environment skill "Thirst of the Drought". Consider Mantra of Frost in this case.
  • Maelstrom works well against The Drought and his close minions. This will allow you up to 10 seconds of safety, as the majority of his spells will be interrupted.
  • Pain Inverter can be very effective due to sandstorm's high damage, especially when used with minions.