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  1. Search for signs of Duke Barradin's lost daughter, Althea.
  2. Tell Duke Barradin of Althea's ghost.

Obtained from

Viggo in Piken Square.


Prophecies character



"Rumor has it the reason we're out here is that the duke's daughter went missing. If the Charr have taken her, they'll be sorry. Althea is Prince Rurik's beloved, and if anything's happened to her, his wrath will be great. Look for any sign of her, and let me know if you find anything."

Intermediate Dialogue (Ghost of Althea)

"Do not be afraid. I mean you no harm."
"I am Lady Althea...or at least, I was before the Charr seized me. They took me to the Flame Temple Corridor and burned me alive, but I thought of my beloved Rurik and felt no pain."

Reward Dialogue

"My poor Althea! I fear my heart will break... Thank you for telling me. I suppose I'm relieved to know the truth, however painful it is."


Althea's Ashes


The ghost of Althea is always located somewhere in the Diessa Lowlands, although the actual location can be one of several random locations. Some locations are quite difficult to get to, inside a Charr temple for example. On the flip side, Althea can spawn right outside of Grendich Courthouse, so you may want to try rezoning a few times to get to her easier. If Althea is in a difficult position re-enter Diessa Lowlands and her position should have changed. It is a good idea to find Grendich Courthouse in this area as it makes for an easier starting point.