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The Elusive Golemancer, Levels 1 to 3

Zcoins.png This article has an associated Zaishen Challenge Quest.


  • Enter Oola's Lab through the secret entrance Blimm revealed to you. (disappears from Quest Log after speaking to Blimm)
  • Find Oola's workshop in the depths below and convince her to help with Mamp's project.
  • Find a golem to circumvent the security system.
  • Discover a way to access the next laboratory level.
  • Search the room for a passage leading further into the laboratory.
  • Survive the fiery gauntlet.
  • Open the security lock.
  • Defeat the indestructible golem.
  • Confront the mysterious voice.

Obtained from

Automatically added upon completing Lab Space
After first completion, can be obtained from:


Lab Space

Follow up

Little Workshop of Horrors


Mode Experience
Asura reputation points
First time Repeats
Normal 2,500 3,000 3001
Hard 4,500 450
  • 1 Only if below rank 8.


This quest is full of specialized game mechanics that make up Oola's security system. It's easy to get confused at points, so read the walkthrough carefully if you're stuck.

Level 1[]

In the first chamber, you must activate a Worker Golem in order to push the lever at the far end of the room and open the door. You will see four of them at the front of the room, but all are offline except for the left one in the second pair. Upon activating it, it will begin to walk slowly towards the Golem Gate Lever, and the Sentry Golems in the room will become hostile. Engage the sentries one or two at a time and you should have no trouble. Go through the door and follow the passage.

Bug.png Bug! Speaking to the worker golem after it leaves your party but before it opens the gate can result in the gate not getting opened. The mission must be restarted.
Bug.png Bug! Sometimes the worker golem will get stuck behind a boulder or a tree root.

If you encounter either of these bugs, simply resign the mission. This will bring you back to Magus Stones, right in front of Blimm to restart the mission.

The second chamber is filled with neutral sentries. The mysterious voice warns you not to pull the Golem Disabling Lever, which, of course, is exactly what you need to do. Make sure the entire party is in the niche with the lever when you pull it, because the sentries will immediately become hostile. A timer will start counting down, after which the portal to the next level will open. Fight through the golems and enter the portal.

Level 2[]

This room contains neutral sentries and a Mystical Keyholder. There is a second keyholder in the next room. You must carry the Crystalline Key from the first keyholder to the second to open the door into the next room. While carrying the key, the sentries will be hostile, but you can drop the key to make them neutral again, allowing the party to heal up. The sentries will respawn if you kill them, so it's easier to just run the key to the second keyholder, dropping it when necessary to prevent any deaths. Be careful that you don't become body blocked by the sentries, though, especially in the narrow passage. Laying a spirit to distract the sentries makes it easy to run away from them.

The next room is filled with rapid-fire Fire Dart traps, which can quickly kill the entire party. To cross the room in safety, activate the worker golem here and it will emit a Golem Fire Shield that makes you immune to the darts (you will still see the darts in your Damage Monitor, but they will deal 0 damage and not cause burning). Stay within the bluish shield as the worker golem crosses the room, taking out the sentry golems as you go. You can body block the worker golem to slow its progress if necessary. It helps to mostly stand at the front edge of the circle so that when you attract a hostile golem, your party mostly stays inside the protective circle while it stops to fight as the worker golem continues forward. Should the party wipe, the golem will continue walking back and forth through the room. Also, there is a resurrection shrine at the end of the fire gauntlet that the player can activate when there is a possibility of a party wipe, thus allowing everyone to resurrect past this challenge.

Bug.png Bug! Body blocking the worker golem may cause your client and the server to fall out of synch as to the exact position of the golem, causing the golem and the shield to seem to move independently. Usually the shield will remain in synch and show its correct position, so follow it instead of the golem.

The third chamber on this floor is a simple puzzle where you must place worker golems on each of three pressure plates to open a door. One plate already has a golem on it, so activate the two other worker golems in the room and maneuver them onto the other two plates. They will automatically activate "stationary mode" when they move onto the plates.

The fourth and final chamber contains the Indestructible Golem, a Flux Matrix, and an Unstable Magical Energy Source. The golem is immune to all forms of damage, although it is vulnerable to life stealing. To kill the golem, you must pick up the matrix, carry it to the energy source to charge it, then drop it near the golem. It will take three charges of the matrix to kill the golem. Proceed through the portal to the final level. The two smaller golems positioned next to the unstable energy source are also vulnerable to discharges from the flux matrix. Using the matrix in this way causes 1337 damage to the small golems resulting in their instant destruction.

Level 3[]

There are a few neutral sentries that will become hostile when you approach. Fight through them to the stairs. The sentries in the lower area here will not become hostile, so walk past them and up the next flight of stairs to complete the quest. After a cutscene, the party will be returned to Rata Sum.

Hard mode[]

You fight few enough enemies at a time in this mission that it really doesn't matter if they gain six levels from hard mode. The real difference is that hard mode makes getting to the mission a lot harder, though it's still quite manageable so long as you only pull one group at a time.






Briefing from the Scrying Pool.

Quest Log: "Somewhere beyond all of the sentry golems lies Oola's workshop. Go there and ask her to join the krewe."

Cutscene 1[]

Vekk: "When we get there, let me do the talking. Oola is brilliant in her field, and pretty thorny."
<party leader>: "Worse than Gadd?"
Vekk: "Don't get me started. Gadd was once the bane of my existence. He's headstrong, arrogant, and nasty."
Vekk: "He makes Oola look like a ray of sunshine, bookah."
<party leader>: "You've used that term before. What does it mean?"
Vekk: "Bookah? It's an imaginary monster we use to frighten children."
Vekk: "They're big, clumsy creatures with loud, bellowing voices. Not too bright, either."
<party leader>: "And humans are like this to you?"
Vekk: "Well, if the bellowing fits."
Vekk: "Now come on. And remember, when we get to Oola, let me do the talking."
<party leader>: "Be my guest."
Find Oola's workshop in the depths below:
Blimm: "This is as far as I care to take you. I can't go back in there. Too many bad memories. You'll have to get down to the laboratory on your own."
Blimm: "Oola's Workshop is two levels down, past all of her security measures. I left a worker golem to open the first door. Have fun."
Blimm: "We designed the traps to keep less intelligent creatures out. We Asura have no problems with them. You, um, you should be fine. Yeah. You'll be just fine."
Blimm: "And, if you see my red staff, bring it back to me. It's not okay, and if she took my staff, I'm going to burn the laboratory down."
Find a golem to circumvent the security system:
Mysterious Voice: "Attention! This is a secure area and is off limits to outsiders. Trespassers will not be tolerated. Turn back now if you value your lives."
Mysterious Voice: "Don't even try to bypass this security system... it's flawless! Besides, you'd need a golem to let you in and it's not like a simpleton like you could operate one."
<party leader>: "Didn't Blimm activate a worker golem to help us? Let's find it."
Discover a way to access the next laboratory level:
Mysterious Voice: "Blast you, Blimm! You may have gotten through the first security check, but you will go no further."
Mysterious Voice: "Don't pull the lever in the next room! It'll only hasten your demise. Turn back now and escape while you can."
Search the room for a passage leading further into the laboratory:
Mysterious Voice: "You should have listened to the voice of reason...."
Mysterious Voice: "You certainly don't take a hint, Blimm. Get away! Don't touch anything!"
Survive the fiery gauntlet:
Mysterious Voice: "Aren't you just full of surprises.... I hope you didn't come here to cool off, because it's about to get steamy."
Open the security lock:
Mysterious Voice: "Did those traps get you all "fired" up?"
Mysterious Voice: "Leave those golems alone. Turn back while you still have your legs! Don't even try to advance. To do so requires heavy thinking."
Defeat the indestructible golem:
Mysterious Voice: "You think you're a smart one? Let's put you to the test. It's time for you to meet my latest creation... an indestructible golem!"
Confront the mysterious voice:
Mysterious Voice: "Impressive that you've made it this far, Blimm. I'll have to redesign my security system to keep you and other meddlesome trespassers away."

Cutscene 2[]

Oola: "So you've come crawling back, Blimm! Did you bring me that flux matrix I need?"
Oola: "You aren't Blimm. Vekk, is that you?"
Vekk: "Greeting, most wise and puissant Oola, Mistress of the Magical Engine."
Oola: "Butter up the other side and pan fry me, Vekk. What do you want?"
Vekk: "I bring word from the Council Leader Mamp."
Oola: "That old fossil?"
Vekk: "We need your superior skills for a great project to help all the Asura."
Oola: "HAH! I came down here to get AWAY from "All the Asura". Now scram."
Vekk: "We need your help against the Destroyers."
Oola: "Have you been hit on the head? I said no. Now go away."
<party leader>: "Well, Vekk, I guess you were right. She's not the one you want."
Vekk: "What are you saying?"
<party leader>: "Vekk was telling me that older Asura tend to lose their edge. That your skills may have deteriorated."
Oola: "What do you mean? There isn't a better golemancer than yours truly!"
<party leader>: "Probably, but if you're afraid the challenge is too much . . ."
Oola: "I'm not afraid of ANY challenge. Let me pack my equipment. I'll show you!"
Oola: "Deteriorated? The nerve!"
Vekk: "Nice job."
<party leader>: "Not bad for a bookah?"
Vekk: "Couldn't have done better myself."


  • The entry for this quest in the Hero's Handbook is titled Oola's Laboratory.
  • There are no corpses in this dungeon, making minion masters useless.
  • The Paragon skill "Fall Back!" can be used to run by the Flame Trap gauntlet if the attribute level is high enough.
  • If the party resigns, they will reappear just outside the dungeon with all death penalty removed. Blimm will be there and you can restart the quest.
  • The entrance to the lab can be reached easily if any teammate(s) have the primary quest Lab Space active, and if any other teammate(s) have completed the same quest. In order to get Blimm to spawn right outside Rata Sum (just 1/2 radar screen west of Krewe member at the Resurrection Shrine) , the player with quest active must speak to him inside of Rata Sum to advance the quest to "Meet in Magus Stone". Next while in Magus Stones, have the person with quest not complete but active talk to him in the explorable area and let quest update to next step of "Travel to the secret entrance to Oola's Lab". Then the person with quest completed talks to him. This will trigger the cinematic, and after it players will be transported near the entrance of the lab, right in front of Timberland Guardian. Kill it, pick up the seed, talk to Blimm again and Lab Space is complete. Members that were yet to complete Lab Space have instantly cleared it, and now can go straight to The Elusive Golemancer. Members that have already completed said quest have just received a "taxi", bypassing the most troublesome part of The Elusive Golemancer; getting there.


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