The False Gods

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Overview[edit | edit source]

The False Gods.jpg
Abbot Ramoth is standing by this tower


  1. Defeat Abbot Ramoth and retrieve the Litanies of the Unseen.
  2. Return the Litanies of the Unseen to Brother Mizar.

Obtained from

Brother Mizar in Temple of the Ages


  • 750 XP
  • Skills
Warrior "To the Limit!"
Ranger Choking Gas
Monk Blessed Signet
Necromancer Demonic Flesh
Mesmer Mind Wrack
Elementalist Deep Freeze


"Any fool can see that these Unseen Gods of the White Mantle are nothing more than a ruse used by the Mantle to usurp power in Kryta. If I can obtain a copy of their most secret holy tome, the so-called Litanies of the Unseen, then I could prove them false. It is rumored that a powerful White Mantle priest called Abbot Ramoth is journeying through the Black Curtain on a mission of some foul purpose no doubt. If you could kill Abbot Ramoth and retrieve a copy of the Litanies of the Unseen, I would be very grateful. Would you assist me in this matter?"

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

From the Temple of the Ages, head west, over a small bridge through the swamps, towards the portal into Talmark Wilderness. If you prefer to avoid the swamp area altogether (and less fighting), head south, around the group of Reed Stalkers, until you reach a pathway. Follow this pathway westward.

Before getting to the portal, you will see a small tower (see image). Right by the tower you will find Abbot Ramoth, along with a few White Mantle Knights and Justiciars guarding him. Kill Ramoth and he will drop the Litanies of the Unseen. Return it to Brother Mizar for your reward.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Abbot Ramoth is a healer, so if you do not slay him first he will keep healing the Knights and Justiciars guarding him. However the White Mantle can be lured away from him, allowing you to kill them easily beforehand without his healing.