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The Foundry of Failed Creations
The Foundry of Failed Creations.jpg
Basic Info
Campaign: Nightfall
Type: Explorable area
Part of: Gate of Anguish (explorable)
City of Torc'qua (South)
Ravenheart Gloom (east)
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General Information[]

The Foundry of Failed Creations is a forge operated by the demons of the Realm of Torment to manufacture Titans. The foundry also serves another purpose. It is a prison for souls stolen by the Margonites. They imprison souls in this place and subject them to great torment and suffering, and they somehow use their souls to create the Titans.

According to Aurus Trevess, the Foundry used to be a prison operated by the Forgotten to imprison troublesome Margonites and such menacing creatures as The Fury. However, as Abaddon's grasp on the Realm of Torment grew stronger, the Fury shattered his shackles and the Margonites were able to wrestle it from the Forgotten and use it for their own purposes. The Fury is now in charge of the Foundry and has shaped it according to his twisted whims.

Outposts & Cities[]

  • None

Getting there[]

In outpost Gate of Anguish, exit via portal to area The Foundry of Failed Creations.


The Foundry of Failed Creations[]





Special Monsters[]

Environment Effect[]


  • The area name The Foundry of Failed Creations will not display upon entering the instanced map nor will it display when pressing U for mini map due to the fact that the actual map is called Domain of Anguish with The Foundry of Failed Creations only being a subzone.
  • It is explained by Relkyss the Broken that the opening of the Door of Komalie during the Prophecies campaign sent countless innocent souls into the Foundry which were used to provide the powerful Titan army that the Lich Lord commanded, the remnant of which is still used by the Margonites.
  • The architecture in this area closely resembles that of the Stone Basilica in Sorrow's Furnace.

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