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The Frog
The Frog.jpg
Species: Animal
Profession: -icon.png
Level(s): 7

The Frog[]

The Frog is a very wise amphibian who could be described as an oracle. Periodically, ArenaNet staff members use him as a way to speak to the community. Sometimes they release tidbits of information about future updates of the game. He even replies when being addressed (provided an ArenaNet developer is "logged in" as The Frog). The Frog most often appears in the International District in Kamadan.

The Frog's words, often in rather cryptic riddles, appear in golden font in the public channel.

Who Owns The Frog: Control of The Frog has been a hot topic of speculation by players, as none of ANet's employees have ever confirmed who summons The Frog or whether it can appear without a supervising player. These are the known facts:

  • When Gaile Gray was Community Relations Manager (CRM), she often appeared when The Frog did;
  • In a well-known dual appearance, Gray appeared to upset The Frog by referring to it as Toadbreath, and subsequently sent her response aimed at placating The Frog from The Frog's avatar (instead of her own);
  • The Frog made appearances at times when Gray did not.
  • Liana Briarwater has been seen speaking as The Frog during several appearances, using her own avatar (and the standard purple text used by game staff).

Miniature Frog:

  • There are three versions of The Frog miniature, all named the same, but with different appearances. There is a normal Frog, a Halloween Frog and Wintersday Frog. All are one-of-a-kind and are not available to players. They were given to Gaile Gray by the Developer team as departure gifts when she stepped down as community relations manager, and each of them contains a unique second line of yellow text, saying "With you always, he is."

Ambient frog locations[]

Frogs can be found as ambient animals in a number of places around Kryta.

Persistent Presence

Special Appearances

In the Gates of Kryta.

Camouflaged in Lion's Gate.

Swimming in Sanctum Cay.