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There are many frogs in Tyria, especially in Kryta. Most of them are hard to find though, as they do not show up on the map and are not highlighted if you hold down CTRL or ALT.

These are some of the known locations of frogs:

  • Lion's Arch, by a tree next to the storage box
  • Lion's Arch, near the big fountain in the city center, next to the sign pointing to the Crafter's Corner
  • Gates of Kryta (Location), in a tent
  • Gates of Kryta (Location), on the cliff above the henchmen (nice animation!)
  • Warrior's Isle, just outside the gate near a little hill
  • Wizard's Isle, one by each catapult
  • Sanctum Cay (Mission), in the stream as you go inland from the beach
  • Temple of the Ages, in the swamps outside
  • ... many more ...

You can't target or talk to them, let alone tame them. You can't interact with them in any way. So what's the big deal about frogs?

The "easteregg" is that one of these frogs is the Mighty Frog of Tyria, a very wise amphibean, kinda like an oracle. Every now and then ANet staff use him as an organ to speak to the community. Sometimes they release tidbits of information about future updates of the game. He even replies when being adressed (provided an ANet developer is "logged in" as The Frog). You never know when or where The Frog will appear, but it seems he can most often be found in the International District in Lion's Arch.

What The Frog says appears in golden font in the public chat. For example this is what the Mighty Frog said on one occasion (August 21, 2005):


Words of the Mighty Frog