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Warning: The following text contains spoilers relating to the plot of Nightfall.

The Fury
The Fury.jpg
Species: Phantom
Profession: Elementalist Elementalist-icon.png
Level(s): 29

"The Fury" during Dragon Festival


The Fury is one of the four demon "Overlords" of Mallyx the Unyielding, his most powerful servants. Originally a follower of Dhuum he was sent to aid Abaddon in bringing darkness to the world. When Abaddon fell, the Fury joined the cause of Mallyx. He has his home in the Domain of Anguish, in The Foundry of Failed Creations. The Fury is guarded by three elementalist Guardians of Komalie, three mesmer Guardians of Komalie and two Margonite Anur Ki's.

He was also the leader of the Grasps of Insanity which invaded Shing Jea Monastery during the Dragon Festival.

The Fury is described by Aurus Trevess as being "an ancient demonic spirit." He was once a prisoner of the Forgotten within the Foundry before he was able to shatter his bonds and take it over.


Level 29

Level 30, boss

Skills used[]

Domain of Anguish

Dragon Festival (during the second Seitung Harbor mission)

Items dropped[]


Domain of Anguish[]

"Ah, you have finally arrived. My dark master informed me I might have visitors..."
"Come forth and let me teach you what I know of true torment!"

Dragon Festival[]

At the start of the invasion:

"Servants of shadow, gather the energy that has fallen from the sky! Our dark master awaits our return with these celestial charges."

During the invasion:

"The blessings of our master await us, minions of shadow. Do not fail!"

After the invasion if the players win:

"Flee shadow minions! This is a battle we cannot win!"