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Quest map




  1. Activate all 3 earth shrines by placing scorched lodestones upon them.
  2. Slay the summoned stone golem.
  3. Return to Kendrick Redstaff for your reward.

Obtained from

Kendrick Redstaff in Serenity Temple


Profession: Elementalist
Prophecies Character
The Way of the Geomancer


Elementalist Magnetic Aura
Elementalist Earth Attunement


"Now then, you may have defeated these lesser elementals, but that was just a preliminary test. Take 3 scorched lodestones to the earth shrines located around the massive crystal in pockmark flats. This will summon a large stone golem. Defeat the golem, and I will teach you some of the secrets of the earth. If you fail, don't bother returning to me.
Will you accept this challenge?"
Accept: "It will hardly be a challenge."
Reject: "I don't like your attitude."

Reward Dialogue

"So, you managed to take down the golem after all. Well, I suppose it wasn't the worst attempt that I've ever seen. Very well, I'll teach you something about earth magic."


This quest is actually somewhat complex and can be pretty tough, depending on how early in you try it. After you enter the Pockmark Flats and fight your way to the big crater you'll find that there are many more Stone Elementals, Hulking Stone Elementals and Boulder Elementals around than usual. They are patrolling the whole crater, some of them at rather high speed. The Boulder Elementals are Level 7 and can cause serious problems to weak characters.

First thing you have to do is to collect three Scorched Lodestones. All the elementals drop those, so they are not really hard to come by. You may even already have found enough on your way to the crater. Place the lodestones on the three earth altars around the crystal in the center of the crater (just follow the quest marker). You will be harassed a lot by the aforementioned elementals while doing so. And always watch out for patrols.

When you have placed all three lodestones, a Stone Golem will spawn (again, follow the quest marker). He is a level 11 Elementalist boss, but shouldn't be too hard if fought on his own. When he is dead, return to Kendrick to claim your reward.


  • The Storm Riders and Devourers that are usually around the crater will not appear when entering the map before the Stone Golem has been slain.