The Granite Citadel
The Granite Citadel.jpg
Campaign Prophecies
Region Southern Shiverpeaks
Party size 8
Map area 0.06%
Neighbors Spearhead Peak
Tasca's Demise
Services Armor crafter


Located between the Stone Summit hotbeds Tasca's Demise and Spearhead Peak, the Granite Citadel is a grand fortress held by the Deldrimor Dwarves. A safe harbor in a deadly ocean of hostility, the outpost here sells relief to weary adventurers.

This is the closest outpost to Mineral Springs.

Getting there

Travel in a northwesterly direction from Copperhammer Mines across Spearhead Peak.

Alternatively, travel east then north from the Deldrimor War Camp. This is sometimes preferable due to the fact that there is no Resurrection Shrine along the way in Spearhead Peak; so dying will bring the party straight to the Granite Citadel's entrance.

Another option is to travel northwest from Copperhammer Mines and take the Grenth's Footprint exit. Immediately turn around and enter Spearhead Peak again. Now continue north. If you die along the way, you'll wind up right at the Resurrection Shrine near Granite Citadel's entrance.





  • Apart from the regular Tyrian musical score, this outpost is one of two in Tyria - the other being Deldrimor War Camp - that includes an additional musical composition, consisting mainly of flute and violin. That composition is called "Over the Shiverpeaks" in the Guild Wars Official Soundtrack.
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