The Great Northern Wall (building)

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The Great Northern Wall before the Searing
The Great Northern Wall after the Searing

This article is about the wall named The Great Northern Wall, for information about the mission and location with this name, see The Great Northern Wall (mission) and The Great Northern Wall (outpost) respectively.

The Great Northern Wall is a vast wall built by the Kingdom of Ascalon in the year 898 AE to protect the heartland of Ascalon from the raids of the Charr. Despite the impenetrable wall, which is still mostly intact today, the Kingdom of Ascalon was laid to ruin by the Searing and with a diminshed population and scant resources stands ripe to fall before the Charr hordes. The Wall still serves as a strong barrier before the Charr even today.

While Ascalons did not cower behind the wall and repeatedly tried to lay claim to the area north of the Wall, the area south of the Wall was supposed to be Charr-free. The land north of the wall (generally called the Northlands), was caught in a constant tug-of-war between Ascalons and the Charr. At times, the Charr would drive the humans out of their cities (as was the fate of Drascir) and at times the humans would push back and establish new cities (such as Surmia).

The Wall rises to great heights and extends the width of the Kingdom of Ascalon. In the adjacent post-searing picture, the entrance at the bottom of the way is several times the height of a human.

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