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The Great Zehtuka
The Great Zehtuka.jpg
Species: Human
Profession: Ranger/Mesmer
Level(s): 20


Quests Given[]

Quests Involved In[]


Location of Zehtuka in Jahai Bluffs

Skills Used[]

Skills Used (Norn Tournament)[]


In Jahai Bluffs:

"I bid you greetings from the Great Zehtuka! No doubt you've heard of the Great Zehtuka's exploits in the great southern continent of Cantha. But now the Great Zehtuka hunts even stranger and greater game... the wild beasts of Elona! Not a single beast has outwitted the Great Zehtuka... and not a single one ever will."

During Tihark Orchard (mission), when you take his drink:

"My drink has been stolen. Time to hunt down this lascivious liquid thief and dish out the thrashing of a lifetime!"


  • The Great Zehtuka will go hostile during the Tihark Orchard (mission) if you take a drink from him during the drink contest and will kill several of the nobles. However, beating him causes him to go neutral once more.
  • It is strongly hinted that Zehtuka is little more than a credit-thieving con artist who tries to fake his heroics and gain free stuff from the people he "saves." This includes at least two of the player's own deeds, as evidenced in Good Demon Hunting.
  • He bears a suspiciously strong resemblance to Nehdukah, the cowardly pet tamer outside Sunspear Great Hall with the Hog Hunt quest
  • The following items most likely belong to the Great Zehtuka:
  • The Great Zehtuka reappears in Tihark Orchard (mission), saying he plans an expedition into The Desolation to kill a great Wurm. The above list of items seems to imply the outcome of that plan (it is safe to assume his items were dropped, most likely in his haste to escape whatever he might have run into). Afterwards, you find him yet again in Nightfallen Jahai.
  • Zehtuka can also be found in Jahai Bluffs
  • The character was known during development as The Great Mehtuka.
  • Zehtuka appears in the Norn fighting tournament held in Gunnar's Hold. As the humorous character he usually is, he uses a trap based build which is pretty easy to defeat, as he deals little damage if you avoid the traps. If you have Zehtuka's Great Horn in your inventory at the time of defeating him, he will explain that it is his horn, and thus takes it back. On doing so he also rewards you with Zehtuka's Horn.

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