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  1. Meet Jehner in the Poisoned Outcrops.
  2. Destroy the soul-eating Margonites. You have 5...0 of 5 groups remaining.
  3. See Jehner for your reward.

Obtained from

Jehner in The Ruptured Heart


A Tasty Morsel



"One would think that in death, all of life's problems would be solved... Well, at least we don't have to pay taxes."
"We have decided to band together and eliminate the soul-devouring Margonite threat once and for all. We're headed for the Poisoned Outcrops to root them out. Will you join us?"
Accept: The only good Margonite is a dead Margonite.
Decline: Can't you ghosts do anything on your own?

Intermediate dialogue (Jehner)

"Let's get moving. Those Margonites aren't going to just give up without a fight."

Reward dialogue

"Here, take this. I found it on the bodies of one of the foul monsters we killed. Maybe you can pay your taxes with it? Ha ha ha!"


  • Vanquisher title: This adds difficulty to vanquishing The Poisoned Outcrops, but substantially adds Lightbringer points to the reward. Consider reserving this for that activity.
  • Jehner and two Freed Souls will accompany you when you meet Jehner in the Poisoned Outcrops. Each group of Margonite Souleaters you defeat will gain you a new Freed Soul ally.
  • The Margonite Souleaters are all level 24 and are actually simply renamed versions of the regular Margonite monsters.
  • There is no need to keep Jehner or any of the Freed Souls alive. If Jehner dies, simply find him again in the Ruptured Heart to claim your reward.
  • The Margonite Souleaters are hostile to all other creatures, including other Margonites. It's likely that the second group is already engaged by the time you arrive, and the last group will have already been wiped out by the Awakened by the time you get there.