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Route to each outpost


  1. Travel to Seeker's Passage.
  2. Travel to Destiny's Gorge.
  3. Travel to Heroes' Audience.
  4. Return to Vanyi for your reward.

Obtained from

Vanyi in Droknar's Forge


Prophecies Campaign character
Augury Rock (mission)


500 XP


"Come closer. Look me in the eye... As I thought! You've got the look of someone who's been to Augury Rock and come out the other side. A true hero in the making."
"Well, listen to me, hero: do not be deceived. The desert still holds more secrets for you to unlock. Take my advice and seek out the places called Seeker's Passage and Destiny's Gorge and Heroes' Audience. There you may find challenges worthy of a true champion."

Reward Dialogue

"You traveled all that way and didn't bother talking to a single one of the ghosts there, did you? No no no no... Don't bother denying it. I'd know if you had. I've an eye for these things. Well, at any rate, now you know where they are. Next time, try talking to the ghosts. You may find they have interesting things to say."

Follow Up: The Hero's Challenge


If you have not gone to these places on your first visit to the desert, examine the map for the way there. These routes are to show you the general direction, you may need to dodge and engage patrols or go around differently to actually get to these outposts.

Note: When you get to each of these outposts, you will notice a few new quests having to do with altering your Secondary profession. These 6 quests are listed here:

Each of those quests will allow you to change your secondary profession to that field as often as you like, for no penalty.


The famous Monomyth is often called "Hero's Journey."


  • The reward dialogue may hint to the fact that these 3 outposts contain the NPCs required to change your secondary profession in the Prophecies Campaign.