The King's Message

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  1. Gather a party in Ascalon City. Sir Tydus recommends bringing Alesia to heal you.
  2. Go to Old Ascalon. Deliver the royal message to Ambassador Zain.

Obtained from

Warmaster Tydus


The Krytan Ambassador (This is not a requirement as you can miss this quest, but if you have it, you cannot get The King's Message until you complete The Krytan Ambassador.)


100 XP
War Hammer (Blunt damage: 11-17)


"I have an important task for you. Please deliver this Royal Message to Ambassador Zain of Kryta. His camp can be found just outside the city. Go out the western gate to Old Ascalon and head west to find the encampment."
"I don't trust these Krytans. I want you to take someone with you in case there's trouble. I'm sure Alesia will be willing to go with you, and she can heal you if need be."


Helping the People of Ascalon
The Ambassador's Quandary


First go to where the henchmen are located and add Alesia to your party. Then exit Ascalon City and head west, the ambassador's camp is not very far and is in pretty much a straight line to the west. If you are fast enough you will see a conversation between the ambassador and Prince Rurik, when that is over (or if the prince is not there]], simply talk to the ambassador to complete this quest. Ambassador Zain will then offer you two quests.