The Krytan Ambassador

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Overview[edit | edit source]


  1. Return to Ascalon City and talk to Warmaster Tydus.

Obtained from

Captain Osric in Old Ascalon


Entering Ascalon Academy in Ascalon City (Pre-Searing)



"Welcome back, <name>! Looks like the patrol went well. You're still in one piece at any rate... Listen, Prince Rurik sent me to ask you a favor.
You've been in the field, so you probably haven't heard about this, but an ambassador's arrived from our old enemy Kryta. They can help us fight the Charr, but the King won't even talk to him. The prince hasn't been able to make any headway with his father, but he knows the king trusts Tydus, and Tydus trusts you. Would you perhaps talk to Warmaster Tydus about this matter? He's in his usual place in Ascalon City."
Accept: "Of course. I'll talk to Tydus."
Reject: "I've no interest in politics."

Reward Dialogue

"Don't talk to me about the Krytan ambassador! I've been getting an earful from both sides. Do you know why King Adelbern trusts me, <name>? Because I know where my loyalties lie. King and country, Balthazar preserve them both! Perhaps joining the Prince's Vanguard has confused you, but Rurik is not the ruler of this kingdom. Now, listen to me. The king's already given this matter much consideration, and the likes of you and I best abide by his wisdom."

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Once you see the cut-scene for the searing, you end up in Old Ascalon in a party made up of the people who were on your team when you entered Ascalon Academy. Captain Osric will be standing a little ways ahead of you. Once you've gotten the quest, simply enter Ascalon City, and talk to Warmaster Tydus who is at the top of some stairs in front of a dry fountain.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Be sure to get this quest before anyone from your party enters Ascalon City, otherwise you will never be able to get this quest (and so miss out on some easy XP).