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The Leviathan
The Leviathan.jpg
Species: Leviathan Fish
Profession: Unknown
Level(s): 28

The Leviathan encased in Jade


The Leviathan is a giant serpent-like sea monster found in the area with the Aspect of Shadows inside The Deep. It can fire a powerful projectile attack that does high damage.

In addition to the environmental effect of not being able to cast enchantments in most of the area, the Leviathan will be surrounded by several Reborn Irukandji which will keep placing the Spirit of Disenchantment making Protection Prayers and other protective enchantments nearly useless.

Upon approaching it, the Leviathan will be encased in jade, but will break free as soon as players come close enough.

This is undoubtedly the largest Canthan creature.



  • Several Leviathans encased in jade can be seen throughout the Jade Sea. Most notably in Rhea's Crater at the entrance from Gyala Hatchery (explorable) (behind the Outcast boss Incetol, Devout of Depths) and at the highest point of the hill occupying the center of the area.
  • It is not wise to attempt to kill this monster, especially while under the Aspect of Shadows (i.e. unable to use enchantments to limit damage). It can deal up to 600 damage with a single attack, is heavily armored, has natural health regeneration, and 5760 health.
  • Killing the Leviathan will award 250 Luxon Faction to the party in normal mode, 500 Faction in Hard Mode.