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  1. Find Yort the Bronze's Ceremonial Family Sword.
  2. Return the ceremonial family sword to Yort the Bronze.

Obtained from

Yort the Bronze in Heroes' Audience


Prophecies Campaign character
Forgotten Wisdom


1,000 XP
Warrior"Shields Up!"
RangerFlame Trap
MonkHealing Touch
NecromancerWell of the Profane
ElementalistFlame Burst


"Ho there! Yort the Bronze has need of a favor. If you do this favor for Yort the Bronze, he will offer you a boon! Yort has misplaced his Ceremonial Family Sword near an oasis in Prophet's Path. Don't ask how this came to pass, there were many Centaurs and Yort's ghastly demise involved, and he doesn't feel like going into details!
Will you help Yort recover his ceremonial family sword?"
"<Name> will do it!"
"Yort will have to find someone else."
When asked about quest:
"Help Yort the Bronze find his ceremonial family sword in Prophet's Path."

Reward Dialogue

"Yort the Bronze is truly pleased that you've found his ceremonial family sword. Yort's spirit will now rest a little easier knowing that his dishonor has been erased. Yort the Bronze is truly humbled by your valor, <name>."


Quest map

Even though the sword is closest to The Amnoon Oasis, you cannot enter the valley where the sword is from the side of the Oasis.

To start from Heroes' Audience, follow the purple path on the map. In the sand there will be Sand Elementals and Minotaurs, but the Oasis is free of any monsters. You will find some Ancient Remains (hold [Alt]) and in them there will be the Ceremonial Family Sword.

An easier way is to go from Augury Rock (the green path). Northwest from Augury is a teleporter. Go just East of the teleporter and you gain access to the canyon where the remains will be.