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  1. Speak to the Guard of the Isles near the eastern gate to access the forbidden path.
  2. Speak to General Yurukaro in the Zaishen Elite refuge.

Obtained from

Challenge Master Rioka in the Zaishen Challenge


The Team Trials
Having beaten the Zaishen Challenge 1


Access to Zaishen Elite (if not already unlocked)


"Your legend grows, <name>. I think you are ready for the Zaishen Elite. Though, the leader of the Order may disagree.... Come closer, I do not wish anyone else to hear these directions.
To the east, you shall find a door that is always locked. Look through the hole in the door, and you will see a light-colored rock in the far cliff wall. Tell the guard at the gate that you are "on the path".
Once you get to that rock, you will find a narrow path along the cliffs. Follow the path until you come to a tree that is hanging off of the cliff.
From the tree, turn right. You'll find a crevasse in the cliff. Go through it until you reach a shaft in the mountain.
Climb down the edge of the shaft to the pool you find there, and wade out toward the waterfall.
You will see an archway set in the waterfall and beyond that is the Zaishen Elite refuge.
Here, I shall mark the spot on your map."
Accept: "I will undertake this journey."
Reject: "I'm staying here for now."

Reward Dialogue

"Rioka again!? Very well.
It is good to know your own strengths, but braggarts will only look the fool in the end. I suggest you maintain respect for those around you. Now, as long as you are here, my fighters need the practice. Draw your weapon, prepare your skills, and be ready to fight. Or find a corner and stay out of my way...."


For all the long description detailing the path required, the next outpost is only a short walk away. Speak to the Guard of the Isles near the eastern gate. He will let you pass to the other side of the gate, (if you do not have the quest on your quest log, he will refuse to talk to you). Follow the winding Forbidden Path and enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way. The crevasse in the cliff can be rather well hidden if you don't look hard enough, but just follow the instructions given by Rioka.

Upon arrival in the Elite refuge, talk to Yurukaro. She won't give you a very warm welcome, but despite her brusque words, the quest will be completed.


  • [1] This does not apply to PvE characters on accounts created prior to the January 19th, 2006 update.
  • There is no fighting required during this quest.