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  1. Go to Ascalon City and speak to Sir Tydus.

Obtained from

Armin Saberlin in Ascalon City


Prophecies Pre-Searing Character
A Second Profession



"You look ready for war, <name>. Ready as any of us are the first time, at any rate. That's good. From what I've seen, the war party will be prepared to head out soon. You'd best go talk to Sir Tydus lest they set forth without you."
Accept: "I'm on my way."
Reject: "I'm not ready yet."

Reward Dialogue

"Have you heard? We're almost ready to set out. Before you join us, keep in mind that you'll have to say goodbye to all of the comforts of Ascalon City. Out there beyond the Wall our lives will be in constant danger, and we'll have only our comrades to rely on. But Balthazar willing, we'll drive these Charr from our kingdom once and for all."

Warning: The following text contains spoilers relating to the plot of Prophecies.


(Enter Ascalon Academy and witness the events that lead you out of Pre-Searing Ascalon and into the Searing).


Sir Tydus is standing right beside Armin Saberlin. This is the final step you take in the Pre-Searing version of Ascalon: accepting the reward for this quest will allow your character to leave the small, safe world they have come to know and journey through the events of The Searing. Once you accept Sir Tydus' request to enter the Academy, the character will not be able to return to the Pre-Searing world, so ensure you have done everything you want to accomplish there first.


  • As of the September 13th, 2007 game update, players must now talk to Sir Tydus individually. This was done to prevent players from being taken through The Searing involuntarily.
  • You will not automatically leave Pre-Searing upon taking the reward for this quest. You must speak to Sir Tydus again in order to enter the Academy and witness The Searing.