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  1. Speak with Deckhand Jakob.
  2. Speak with Mariner Kevan.
  3. Speak with Captain Ander.
  4. See Guildmaster Luan for your reward.

Obtained from

Guildmaster Luan in Kaineng Center


The Emperor in Peril



"If they killed Informant Tahzen, they no doubt wish to cover their tracks. Those lowly dogs will be after the crew of the Siren's Song. You must go to Kaineng Docks and question the deckhands if we are to learn more about this wicked plot. And hurry!"
Accept: "Time is of the essence. To the deckhands!"
Reject: "Isn't it about time you hired a new crew, anyway?"

Intermediate Dialogue 1 (Deckhand Jakob)

"Our recent cargo? All I know is it was the biggest haul of coin I've ever seen. The captain was on edge the whole trip. He even made us fireproof one of the storage compartments as an extra precaution."

Intermediate Dialogue 2 (Mariner Kevan)

"Tis bad luck for a ship to pretend it's a floating coffer, understand? Bunch of rich Canthans and some unmarked cargo is all I know. The captain was worried the boat would catch fire, so he ordered a deckhand to fireproof one of the holds."

Intermediate Dialogue 3 (Captain Ander)

"That is the last time I let the glitter of gold convince me to take on a risky job. Old Kevan and his superstitions can be right sometimes. Just a quick cargo trip from the Fire Island Chain to Kaineng City for some rich Canthans is all it was supposed to be. That monstrosity nearly got loose and burnt my precious Siren's Song from bow to stern! A fiery devil, it was!"

Reward Dialogue

"The bodies of those men you talked to were discovered shortly after you left. It is obvious these vermin are serious about their assassination attempt. This is far worse than I could have imagined!"


It Ends Here


Travel back to The Marketplace and exit to Kaineng Docks to the north. Deckhand Jakob, a Krytan can be found at the end of one of the docks there. He points you toward Mariner Kevan who is nearby, so talk to him next. Kevan points you to Captain Ander who is up the stairs near the entrance to The Marketplace, so go talk to him. Captain Ander states that they picked up something from the Fire Islands that almost burnt down their boat and brought it to Cantha. Take this information to Guildmaster Luan to complete the quest.


There is no fighting in this quest.