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  1. Cross the river and destroy the plague devourer to get a poisonous stinger.
  2. Deliver the poisonous stinger to Brother Mhenlo in Ashford Abbey.

Obtained from

Baron Egan in Ascalon City


Prophecies Pre-Searing Character
<primary profession> Test
At least level 2


Energy +3
Health +10
Armor +5 (vs. physical damage)


"The devourer cave southwest of town has always been a source of danger to the people of Lakeside County, but they have learned to be vigilant and to defend themselves from the beasts. Unfortunately, I've been hearing recently of a new sort of devourer with a poisonous sting.
I'd like you to find one of these creatures, kill it, and take its Poisonous Stinger to Brother Mhenlo in Ashford Abbey."
Accept: "You can count on me."
Reject: "I have my own troubles."

Reward Dialogue

"Is the poisonous stinger intact? Yes, it's perfect, and there's enough here that I can begin work on an antidote."


Head south over the river towards the east side of Lakeside County. There is a small path through a valley. Inside the valley you will find the entrance to the Devourer Cave. At the very end of the cave is a Plague Devourer who will drop two Poison Stingers when killed (regardless of whether one or two party members are present). Map travel to Ashford Abbey and give a stinger to Mhenlo for your reward.


  • Since this quest requires you to visit the exact same area, and destroy the same enemies as in The Egg Hunter, its a good idea to do both quests together.
  • The Poison Stinger has no further use beyond this quest, after collecting your reward, any remaining stingers can just be dumped (drag the item into the trash can icon on your Inventory interface).