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A Prize Winning Hog



Obtained from

Farmer Dirk in Ashford Village



"My life is ruined! Some ruffians must have come around and let my prize-winning hogs out of their pen. I have been chasing after them all afternoon and am completely exhausted! If they wander too far, who knows what will happen to their poor, poor souls. You see, some of the wild creatures around these parts would make quite a feast out of my precious little babies. Perhaps you and a friend could help me out and get them back to safety?"

Reward Dialogue

"Why thank you! They are all back safe and sound. Let me know if you find out who did this."


Get close enough to Farmer Dirk to trigger the dialogue, then wait until he asks for your help. Corral five of the hogs back into the pen and you will get the reward. This "quest" can be done solo, but is probably easier with a partner. Note that he will not help, and the pigs will wander back out. The award is triggered when five hogs are corraled back to the pen. Note also that this "quest" will not generate an entry to your quest log. The quest is redoable whenever Dirk is standing outside the pen. Later in the game, another quest known as The Last Hog will come up in North Kryta Province with a similar objective.