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Path from the Green Hills County Catacombs entrance to the Prize Moa Bird's corpse.


  1. Head to the catacombs and find Pitney's prize bird.
  2. Return to Pitney for your reward.

Obtained from

Pitney in Lakeside County (Ashford Village)


Prophecies Pre-Searing Character
The Worm Problem


Energy +5
Holy damage: 3-5
Armor +5 (vs. physical damage)
Slashing damage: 6-9
Armor +5 (while casting)
Halves casting time of spells (Chance: 5%)


"I'm at a loss. First those worms, and now someone has stolen my prize moa bird. To make matters worse, the tracks seem to indicate that whoever took her led off to the Catacombs! I don't have to tell you how dangerous it is down there.
But wait, you're a strong <primary profession>. Would you be willing to find my poor bird and bring her back?"
Accept: "I'll find your bird."
Reject: "I have more important things to do."

Reward Dialogue

"My precious bird is dead? And part of some kind of ritual you say? Just my luck.... Well at least nothing worse can happen to me today. In any case, thank you for your trouble."


There are several entrances into the Catacombs. If you start from Ashford Abbey, head down the path to the right until you go down some stairs into a big rectangular room with a few Restless Corpses in it. Go to the end of the room and take the second right into a cavern full of Deadly Crypt Spiders, keep heading down this path until you get to the hallway where Oberan the Reviled is. Right before Oberan's hallway, take a left and go straight down that path and up a flight of stairs. This should take you to the candleroom where Pitney's moa bird lays dead in the middle of the room and two Crypt Fiends are lurking. You can either fight the Crypt Fiends or run.

Alternative: Take the Catacombs entrance in Green Hills County, which is located north-east of Barradin's Estate, this is a much shorter trip (see the map provided).

However you get there, once you have found the dead moa bird, return to Ashford Village and tell Pitney the sad news.


  • Consider doing this quest in conjunction with the Charr in the Catacombs quest, since that requires talking to Oberan who is very near where the body of the prize moa bird is located.
  • The Long Sword you receive as a reward for this quest is the only other weapon currently in the game to share the Crystalline Sword skin, making it quite desirable for collectors, and sadly is at times used to try and scam unobservant buyers (always check items before accepting a trade).